Sorry for missing a few days, but I came across an article in the Oct. CATHOLIC DIGEST about “Fear of the Lord” I’m not printing all of the article, it may be on line if you want to look. Basically someone asked Father Roland Guilmain about that question when we also say God is love.
Father said that he was raised in a generation where the concept of sin was accepted. He was taught that God would punish him if he sinned and didn’t go to confession. Because of that, he pictured God as a punishing and angry God. It wasn’t until he was in college that he learned differently and here is what he said:
“He was not a punishing God, but rather a God of unconditional, faithful, merciful, and forgiving love. With that insight I began what would be a lifelong adventure of relating with God”
“At this point we have to remember that God is totally other than what we are. God just IS; we are created beings. God is all powerful, all-knowing, mysterious, frightening. We cannot reduce him to only what we can think or imagine. That would make him too small. Only God can grant us the capacity to grasp some truth about his being. This is where holy fear becomes the beginning of wisdom.”
“In NO MAN IS AN ISLAND, THOMAS MERTON defines holy fear ‘as the knowledge of our selves in the presence of God’s holiness. It is the knowledge of ourselves in his love, and it sees how far we are from being what his love would have us be…….’
“……He is referring to what is called filial fear of the anxiety caused by the thought of being separated from God or displeasing him. It’s based on love and keeps us away from sin. This gift of fear will eventually unite us so closely to god that nothing can separate us from him. In this sense, then it is the beginning of wisdom. This gift of the Holy Spirit corresponds with humility, which make us know our true value and eliminated the presumption of believing ourselves to be better than we are.”
‘This fear of the Lord produces in us a horror for sin and gives us the strength to overcome temptations. At a deeper level it enables us to cling to God with profound reverence and avoid even insignificant acts that are signs of imperfection. It reverences everything that is divine. then, even more profoundly, it detaches us from the things of the earth and grants us a poverty of spirit by which we seek union God and avoid all that could separate us from him?”
“The Spirit of our loving Father offers us this way to unite ourselves with the Most Blessed Trinity. Let us be grateful and pray daily for the gift of the fear of the Lord.”

This seems to be a very good explanation of God and His love for us.

PRAYER: Our Father Who art in Heaven,……………………Hopefully, you all know the Our Father by Heart, if not you can find it on line. It is a wonderful prayer to learn and use daily.
God bless you all.

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