This is a delicate area, but I just read an article that I think was printed in the NY Times condemning the Catholic Church’s stand on gay marriage and it was all wrong. For one thing, I cannot figure out how a journalist can write an article without researching both sides. I do not believe I have ever read an article where someone has actually looked at the Catholic Churches stand on homosexuality and marriage. I will tell you that our church always welcomes homosexuals, they are God’s children as we all are. Not all Catholics are as welcoming and understanding as they should be toward other children of God, but they are human, and no human is perfect.

There are 5 non-negotiables in the Catholic Church that will not change and gay marriage is one of them. Here is a question and answer regarding gay marriage from the site:

Full Question
I am a homosexual who wishes to obey the Church’s teachings on homosexuality, but I am not sure what they are. I know that the Church teaches homosexual acts are wrong, but it teaches that all sex outside of marriage is wrong–a teaching which I support. What if two homosexuals were married to each other? Would sex between them be legitimate, and could the Church ever change its position and allow homosexuals to marry?


This is a sensitive area, and you are to be commended for your commitment to support and fulfill the Church’s teaching. The answer to both questions is no.

The reason homosexual acts are wrong is not simply that they take place outside of marriage, but that they are contrary to natural design. For various reasons, both inside and outside of their control, some people have desires that are not in accord with nature. When these desires are acted upon, the result is an unnatural and immoral act. Even if two homosexuals were “married,” they would still be having unnatural sex.

The Church cannot change its teaching on marriage, which is grounded in natural law. Under natural law a man can marry only whom he was designed to marry: a woman. He cannot validly marry another man any more than he could an animal or a plant. Any attempted marriage between a man and another man would be invalid by definition. It might be recognized by the state as a legitimate marriage, but it would not be so before God.

This is a difficult teaching to hear for one struggling with homosexual desires, but it is the truth. To get help, consider contacting Courage, a nationwide Catholic organization set up to help homosexuals lead chaste lives. Their Web address of is: Our prayers are with you.
========================================================================================================= also had many other answers to questions about homosexuals and the Church. Hopefully if someone reads an article condemning the Church they will also go to this site and find out why. As one of the Bishops in this country said a short while ago, we have people in this country that have decided that what they decide is right, is the only way. Unfortunately they forget this is a free country and not everyone has to change their values and morals just because this certain group of people decide what they think is the new religion in this country. The religion of “everything is ok if they decide it is. No good vs. evil, no right vs wrong, just feelings of what they want. Sorry, you all, but the Catholic Church and Pope Francis is not changing the basic beliefs of the Church, he is just trying to make ordinary people understand that they are welcome in our Church.
There was an article awhile ago where Pope Francis married 20 couples from different situations. He did it so that Catholics who think they are not welcome back in the Church will know that they are very welcome. Some of these couples were living together, some had children and were not married, some had been divorced and/or married in a civil ceremony, all were men marrying women. The facts that weren’t mentioned is that all these people had to want to do what was right, they would of had counseling, gone to Confession, and prior marriages investigated. They would have decided to be married before God in the Sacrament of Marriage and probably become active members again of the Church. Pope Francis did this to show couples that there is always a way back to the Catholic Church if that is what they want and they are always welcome. He did not do it to let the news media think that the Church is making changes. The Church has been marrying couples in these situations for many years. In fact my marriage came under one of these situations.

Again I say, if you want to know what the Catholic Church teaches, don’t ask another Catholic, unfortunately many Catholics are sadly uninformed about their own Church. Instead, go to and check out the facts. Another site that our Pastor says is very informative is:


O GOD OF HOPE AND GLORY, you sent John the Baptist to preach the Good News of salvation to those who received it with joy and to those who rejected its demands. By his example and intercession, grant your Church courage in proclaiming and living the Gospel, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen



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