HAVE YOU heard about the PARENTAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT?? It has been in different committees since 2010 because of the CRPD.

Know what that is?  The United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child.   This is the United Nations trying to interfere in the raising of children in the United States and the world.  This Resolution basically takes away the rights of raising of YOUR CHILDREN and gives it to the UN. This has been around awhile and signed by all the countries except SaraLanka and the U.S.  I believe one of our Presidents have already signed it, but we are not committed to this until approved by the Senate which so far has refused.  You need to read what this includes, to see how bad it is.

The reason the PARENTAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT was started.  As of Sept. 2014 the resolution to approve this Amendment to the Constitution was in subcommittees. In the Senate, SJRes42, in the House, HJRes 50.  I cannot tell you how important this Amendment is.  It will stop any resolution of the UN from controlling how we raise our children.

I SUGGEST YOU ALL LOOK UP BOTH THE CRPD AND THE PARENTAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT ON PARENTALRIGHTS.ORG.   We also need to make sure the Senate does not ratify the UN resolution because f it does, we have NO way out and they are in charge of raising our children.   Please take action.  Write to the new and old congressmen/women, call or email.


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