My last blog, was about couples who have an adverse diagnosis about their unborn child and the support available for couples who decide to carry their child to term. It came from an article in the December CATHOLIC DIGEST. This Article was also in the DIGEST.

THERE IS ALSO SUPPORT FOR THOSE WHO CHOSE ABORTION.  Theresa Bonapartis never planned on counseling couples shattered by abortion. She had enough on her plate–she was raising two young boys alone, pursuing her degree in drug and alcohol abuse counseling, and simply trying to keep it all together.  But this is where God led her more than 20 years ago, after a long, painful journey caused by her own abortion.  “It has been astruggle for me, but through much prayer, counseling and a devotion to the divine mercy of God.  I have found peace.  Healing has been, more than anything, a spiritual battle with Satan. He tried to exert his power over me and fling his lies at me at every turn, but with a trained counselor, good spiritual direction and endless prayer, healing came.”

Theresa posted this as part of her testimony on LUMINA’S WEBSITE, a post aabortion ministry of COOD COUNSEL HOMES AND HOPE FOR BABIES AND MOTHER.  FATHER benedict Groeschel, CFR and Christopher Bell founded the charitable organization, which offers retreats, training, and prayer services for men and women who are post-abortive.  Theresa is the director of LUMINA and the co-creator with the Sisters of Life of Entering Canaan, a post-abortive retreat ministry used in dioceses across the country.

“WE MINISTER TO ALL POST-ABORTIVE PEOPLE. Over  the years I began reaching people who had abortions after a poor prenatal diagnosis.”  These calls became so common that Theresa knew there was a need to reach out to such couples. Through LUMINA, Theresa runs separate retreats designed specifically for those who have aborted after an adverse prenatal diagnosis.

“Obviously they were planning to have the children.  Most of them were rushed into a decision by medical professionals.  Their dreams are shattered.  They’re shocked from the diagnosis, and they give in to abortion.” Theresa explains.  According to the National Catholic Partnership on Disability, up to 90 percent of couples abort children after receiving a prenatal diagnosis of a disability.

“Nobody is saying it’s easy.  It’s horrible.  But abortion only makes it worse. It doesn’t change the situation; it just adds another layer of trauma,” she adds.  “Sooner or later it catches up with everyone.  I have had women in theri 90’s call for help.  PRAISE GOD. HE is merciful and forgiving and patient.  There is always hope.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION: ON OBTAINING SUPPORT CONTACT LUMINA, Hope and Healing after Abortion, A post-abortion ministry & referral network.

They will help provide support and refer you to someone in your area.

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