YOU SHALL NOT KILL:  YOU MAY NOT BE GUILTY OF MURDER AS SUCH, but this commandment has much broader applications, as indicated graphically in our Lord’s parable of the Good Samaritan.  Those who beat their victim and left him for dead were not the only guilty parties there.  Those who passed by on the other side without rendering aid were also seriously at fault.

“WE ARE TO FEAR AND LOVE GOD SO THAT WE DO NOT HURT OUR NEIGHBORS IN ANY WAY,” we are taught–and the word ANY is quite inclusive. “BUT WE ARE TO HELP THEM IN ALL THEIR PHYSICAL NEEDS:-and the word ALL is just as inclusive.

EXAMINE the damning evidence against you today, and place every accusation over Jesus’ head on the Cross.


GRANT that I your Passion view with repentant grieving, Let me not bring shame to you by unholy living.  How could I refuse to shun every sinful pleasure Since for me God’s only Son suffered without measure????

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