On the suggestion of another blogger I am posting this again. This is still happening. My friend showed me a book she bought off a school book sales list, it was definitely an adult book. Not for Jr. High or less. Watch what your kids are buying at school. Just because it’s on the list, doesn’t mean it is acceptable for young people or your children.

Mrs.American Patriot

Gurdon is a Children’s Book Reviewer, for the Wall Street Journal.  This article is adapted from a speech delivered at Hillsdale College, March 12, 2013  In part she wrote:

“On June 4, 2011, the number one trending topic on Twitter was the Anthony Weiner scandal.  I happen to remember that, because the number two topic on Twitter that day-almost as frenzied, thought a lot less humorous-had to do with an outrageous, intolerable attack on Young Adult literature…by me. Entitled “Darkness Too Visible,” my article discussed the increasingly dark current that runs through books classified as YA, for Young Adult-books aimed at readers between 12 and 18 years of age-a subset that has, in the four decades since Young Adult became a distinct category in fiction, become increasingly lurid, grotesque, profane, sexual, and ugly. “

“Books show us the world, and in that sense, too many books for adolescents act like funhouse…

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