Celebrating Christ the King invites us to fix our gaze on Christ, the King of the Universe….

Jesus brought about his Kingdom…through his closeness and tenderness towards us.  He is the Shepherd..

The Father, little by little, subjects all to the Son and at the same time, the Son subjects all to the Father, including even himself in the end.  Jesus is not a King according to earthy ways: for him, to reign is not to command, but to obey the Father; to give himself over to the Father, so that his plan of love and salvation may be brought to fulfillment.  In this way there is full reciprocity between the Father and the Son.  The period of Christ’s reign is the long period of subjecting everything to the Son and consigning everything to the Father..

The Gospel teaches what Jesus’ Kingdom requires of us: it reminds us that closeness and tenderness are the rule of life for us also, and that on this basis we will be judged.  This is how we will be judged….

THE STARTING POINT OF SALVATION IS NOT THE CONFESSION OF THE SOVEREIGNTY OF CHRIST, BUT RATHER THE IMITATION OF JESUS’ WORKS OF MERCY THROUGH WHICH HE BROUGHT ABOUT HIS KINGDOM.  The one who accomplishes these works shows that he has welcomed Christ’s sovereignty, because he has opened his heart to God’s charity.  IN THE TWILIGHT OF LIFE WE WILL BE JUDGED ON OUR LOVE FOR , CLOSENESS TO AND TENDERNESS TOWARDS OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS.  Upon this will depend our entry into, or exclusion from, the Kingdom of God: our belonging to the one side or the other. Through his victory, Jesus has opened to us His Kingdom.  But it is for us to enter into it, beginning with our life now–his Kingdom begins now–by being close in concrete ways to our brothers and sisters who ask for bread, clothing, acceptance, solidarity, catechesis.  If we truly love them, we will be willing to share with them what is most precious to us:  JESUS HIMSELF AND HIS GOSPEL.

by: Pope Francis, His Holiness Pope Francis was elected to the See of Saint Peter in 2013




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