I promised awhile ago that I would keep you up to date on the good and bad things Trumps has done for this Country. I am not interested in the gossip and what the main stream media says, since they don’t check out their facts, and to be honest, are predjudiced against him.  So here are some of the facts I have accumulated.

JUDICIAL: Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. He is one of Trump’s most significant presidential victories. However, his judicial influence does not stop at the Supreme Court.  There are currently an estimated 147 vacancies in the Federal Judiciary, Trump has so far appointed 24 judges.  Since federal judges have life tenure once appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, Trump’s appointments will have a lasting impact on American public policy. Most of his judicial appointees are deeply conservative and favor a strict interpretation of the Constitution. This is what our Founders worked so hard for and what they expected according to what I have read in the Federalist Papers.

THE TRUMP EFFECT: The popular press will not say so, but America is on the rebound. Call it an awakening, a rediscovery of founding principles, the restoration of respect for our Constitution, recognition that RULE OF LAW, ECONOMIC GROWTH, BORDER AND NATIONAL SECURITY, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SAFETY, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, AND THE SANCTITY OF LIFE ALL MATER. Call it the end of neglect. Call it the TRUMP EFFECT.  I don’t know how anyone can argue that we were sadly in need of improvement and restoration in these areas.

1: Biggest tax cut in 37 years, inuring to the benefit of virtually every American, lowering individual and corporate rates by percentages not seen since President Ronald Regan.

2. Stock market on a tear, surging 31 percent in the first year, with even mainstream media outlets like CNBC calling it “the best performance during the first year of a president since Franklin Roosevelt.”

3. Record-setting roll backs of restrictive regulations, lowering transaction costs and so-called X-inefficiency, eliminating delays and raising profits across the economy;

4. Dramatic upticks in overall employment across every demographic, age and race to region and income level, along with rising wage growth.  I just read the other day that Blacks and Latinos have the highest employment rate ever recorded.  So why would either race ever vote Democratic again?

5.Annual 2017 GDP growth over the final three quarters of 3.1 percent, 3.2 and 2.6 percent respectively, despite hurricanes economists predicted would deter growth.

6. Resurgent manufacturing, mining, energy, and service sectors, showcasing outsized 2017 growth, including mining up by 28.6 percent, service industries up seven percent, retail up by 5.6 percent, technical services up by more than five percent and health care up by nearly as much, plus high projections for 2018.

7, As the stock market and overall economy have soared, even before the tax cut impact is felt, other intangibles are stabilizing the US economy and returning income to average Americans, including:

A. A decisive end to Obamacare’s insurance mandate producing no penalty in 2019.

B. Predicted re-normalization of Federal Reserve Policy, including regular rate hikes and slight inflation.

C. Millions of dollars in bonuses paid to millions of Americans in 2017, (Walmart is on Co. I know of)and more predicted for 2018, what Democratic House Minorty Leader Nancy Polosi (D-CA_ glibly called “crumbs”.  In my opinion, any bonus and any pay raise, no mater how much, is a plus and something I wouldn’t have had otherwise and the fact that almost no extra bonuses were paid during the Democratic years. (and they are supposed to be for the workers?)

I have more to add another day.  I was looking, but couldn’t find just now, how much more credit parents are receiving for each child when they file their taxes in 2018, I know it’s almost if not doubled. That should make quite a difference in families.  The lower Cooporate tax should make a big difference for small family cooporations.

This does not even mention the wonderful things Trump has done to cut down on abortions in this country and elsewhere. I will mention those next time. Unfortunately we could have ended the killing of unborn babies over 20 weeks old, if it had not been for some pro-death senators. This is to our Country’s shame, and can be changed if we vote for pro-life candidates.

These facts come from the Spring, 2018 AMAC Advantage magazine, with articles by Robert Charles with my opinions added.

As JFK said, ” Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country.” Perhaps Pres. Trump can bring that attitude back again.

GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Jesus came and stood among them and said, “PEACE BE WITH YOU.”  John 20:19

Here is a goal to strive for in our effort to make the Peace Prayer our own: learn to greet others always and everywhere in the same spirit that the risen Christ greeted his disciples after the resurrection.

Remember the scene. The disciples are huddled together in a locked room after the darkest days of Jesus’ passion, crucifixion and death. In addition to being fearful, confused and despairing, they are probably not a little guilt-ridden for having abandoned him.  They were probably expecting at least some mild rebuke from him.  And they might even have felt a little better on a purely human level if he had rebuked them.

Instead, Jesus greets them with, “Peace be with you,’ How forgiving, loving and liberating-how startling-such a greeting must have been to them.  Not a word about the recent bitter past. No chiding, no sarcastic comments, no recriminations.  No taunting reminders of how they were fair-weather friends who turned tail and ran. Bygones, it seems aren’t even worth mentioning by the risen Jesus. We’re starting all over here with the help of the Holy Spirit, he seems to be saying. Peace, that’s what’s in our future.



“The Lord is alive! He is living and he wants to rise again in all those faces that have buried hope, buried dreams, buried dignity. “These were the words of Pope Francis at last year’s Easter Virgil. He continued to say: “Let us go, then. Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by this new dawn and by the newness that Christ alone can give. May we allow his tenderness and his love to guide our steps. May we allow the beating of his heart to quicken our fairness of heart”

We are hopeful people, we are people who like to dream of things that could be, and we are people of pride and dignity! Jesus rising from the dead, should give us the hope, dreams and dignity which are fabrics of our faith life.  Let us rejoice and be glad, for this is the day the Lord has made! ALLELUIA!  ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!


Through this Easter, and the accompanying Easter season of 50 days, we celebrate the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus, our faith tells us that his celebration never never ends.  All we need to do is remember all that the mass teaches us, all it has done for us, and all that it accomplishes in us.  We unite ourselves to Christ in His suffering, attaching all of ours to His, and lifting it up to the Father.  All done at every mass.  Finally, we become One with Him as we take Him in-body, blood, soul, divinity. His very cells and DNA all com-mingled with ours.  All at every mass. That is why nothing else pre-empts the Sunday mass.  It is also why the Sunday obligation is of primary importance for Catholics.

At mass, we walk the stations, see the stone roled away, and witness to His glorious resurrection by sharing the greatest meal on earth with Him. Why do we do all this?