Hi all. I was just thinking back and laughing about something my kids and I did while we lived in Nebraska. It’s because I was reading an article about road trips and crazy conversations. We had a lot of those through the years when it was just me and my children, (divorced, single mom) but this one little think has always made be laugh.

There was a bank in Nebraska, around Omaha, who’s slogan was: “Thumb body loves you.”  So, after my husband left, and we got used to being just the five of us, we kind of went hippy. It was in the early 1970’s so hippy was still a thing. We didn’t do drugs, we just kind of dressed hippy. My son a young teen, let his hair go long, and wore a cowboy hat, my daughters hair was wild and curly, the other two boys were younger and kind of did their hippy thing, we wore t shirts and jeans, I got my ears pierced after my daughter did. Of course, when I went to work, I had to dress in office dress, no hippy at work. I was either working in an insurance office, or for the Univ. of Nebraska.

But the times that make me laugh, were the times the kids and I were in our old blue Plymouth driving through the streets of Omaha, and the kids would put the windows down and put their arms out the windows with their thumbs in the air and yell to everyone we passed, THUMB BODY LOVES YOU!,  and they would laugh like crazy. The one time in particular that I picture was when we were on a highway in town, driving in the right lane, when some guy passed us and gave us the finger. Apparently we weren’t going fast enough for him. While he was still beside us, I and all 4 kids put our arms out the window and with thumbs up, yelled THUMB BODY LOVES YOU.  It must have been quite a sight.  The kids complemented me for giving him the “finger” and they laughed like crazy.  Those are little windows of fun that mothers don’t forget. I wonder if my kids remember this?