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In the 1970’s, yes there is a history of climate change, they were worried that it was getting colder. Probably authors and speakers made a lot of money telling everyone that it was going to get very cold and we would all have to move south unless we did something about changing the environment.  Yes, Environmentalists were scaring everyone then also.  Well, they stopped putting whatever it was in spray cans and whatever it was near the sun changed to the point that now whatever hole was or wasn’t there has changed too much.  I could look this all up, but the point is, 50 years later they are scaring everyone because the climate is getting warmer, maybe. Some scientists say it hasn’t gotten any warmer for the last 7 years. Depends on who you listen too.

We know the climate changes because New England and Canada were covered by glaciers 7,000 or was it 17,000 years ago.  I’ll let you all check it out if you want.  The fact is I wouldn’t be sitting here typing if the globe hadn’t been getting warmer, of and on, over the last several thousand years.  As a matter of fact, they believe the Indians came across the ice from the other side of the world before there was a sea there, Talk about global warming.

Why the panic now?  I am sure there were polar bears, seals, etc. in this area, or other cold weather animals that are now extinct, when these glaciers melted.   In my opinion, some people now think they are so smart that they should change the Natural Order of the Universe.  In other words, they want to stop the natural adjustment of animals and people that have been going on since people first walked the earth.

Second, Global warming is now a great money maker.  Scientist have proved that no matter what we people do the climate is still going to change.  I agree that we need to clean up as much pollution as realistic, clean up our garbage and take care of what God gave us, but perhaps the climate changes, warm, cold, warm, helps keep the earth clean and working the way the Creator planned.  I say all this to introduce this book:

DARK WINTER, HOW THE SUN IS CAUSING A 30-YEAR COLD SPELL BY John L. Casey, basically he says that Global warming came to an end in 2007 when the earth began a 3-decade cooling period.  Casey is a noted climatologist and former NASA advisor. He says top scientists already know that the sun has gone into a solar minimum, a phenomena that effect the earth about every 200 years.In DARK WINTER, Casey says this fact will lead to unprecedented cold winters across the glove. and he also predicts:

The End to Global Warming, the beginning of a “solar hibernation,” a historic reduction in the energy output of the Sun, A long-term drop in the Earth’s temperatures, High probability of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, Decades of dangerously cold weather.  Dr. Boris Komitov, a world renowned astronomer and geophysicist agrees.

You can get more information at http://www.Newsmax.com/coldspell, or buy the book or request it at your library.  You can believe this or not, I don’t care, but there is more than one opinion out there, and I am very tired of the global warming crowd, since it is going to change one way or another no mater how much they do or how much it costs us because of changes they make.

Let’s hope the cost of oil and gas stay low, and all the other energy efforts work also because we are going to need all the heat we can get.  Then there are the polar bears, seals, and Eskimos.  Will they be happy to see the ice stop melting?  The next 30 years will be interesting,  I wonder what the “experts” will say then?