OK, LADIES, FROM OUR CHURCH BULLETIN:    PROVERBS:::::: I’m here to simply be a messenger from the ONE who created you and I.  God told us that HIS DAUGHTERS are “MORE PRECIOUS THAN JEWELS; And nothing you desire compares with her” {Proverbs 3:15)


“When you feel unworthy of love, it’s the devil who is putting that thought in your head.  He can tug at your heart strings and make you feel so unworthy, when in reality you’re the most precious thing on this earth!  Satan is at work when you look in the mirror and all you hear is, “you’re not good enough.” But fear not because it’s simply not true!” (quoted from my church bulletin}

There is something I want to add, ladies and gentlemen.  You are made in the image and likes of God. He is with you and in you at all times.  When we talk about love, we are not talking about sex.  Some people now days equate one with the other.  Love is when someone cares more for you than they do for themselves.  Love is like Jesus Christ loves His Church.  Friendship comes before love.  Love comes before marriage and in the old song from the 40’s I think, “First come love, than marriage, then the baby carriage.”  I know this sounds old fashioned, but it has worked well for centuries.  Get to know a person as a friend (this does not include sex, sex clouds the issue of friendship) then if the magic is there, then love will develop.

When you find a person, who you enjoy being with, who enjoys just being with you, BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU, YOU ARE INTERESTING AND FUN, AND FOR NO OTHER REASON EXCEPT THAT PERSON IS HAPPY WITH YOU AND YOU WITH THAT PERSON, then consider that maybe you have found love, maybe even the love of your life.  Then when you have sex, that person will be making love with you, that is a big WITH, not to you.

REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTHY OF TRUE LOVE, AND YOU ARE WORTHY OF MANY TRUE FRIENDSHIPS.  Don’t waste your time with people who only care about you because of sex,  find someone who will give his or her life for you.  That cannot happen if you are not open to friendship because you are tied up with someone who cannot love you the way you deserve.  Remember, especially Ladies You are more precious than jewels, be sure you are being treated that way.