BETSY DEVOS IS EVERYTHING THE LIBERAL WOMEN SAY THEY WANT IN A WOMAN. She is educated, smart, hard working, independent, positive and a moral person. She is the type of woman they say they want their girls to become. As Pres. Trump said, “She is a brilliant and passionate education advocate.”  Isn’t that what they and all of us want for our children?  So why don’t they like her? She’s rich? She and her family worked hard to get what they have.   She’s never been Sec.  of Education before?  Good, because the Dept. of Education is not doing a good job of education. Our children placed 24th this year compared to other countries and we spend more than any other country. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH OUR DEPT OF EDUCATION. We need someone new to make changes.

SHE BELIEVES IN SCHOOL CHOICE. Isn’t that what we want for our young women and men in the poor sections of our cities and states? We want them to be able to go to Charter Schools and Private Schools that will help them to be the best they can be. We want the  black and Spanish girls to get out of the bad schools where they spend their lives pregnant and having abortions. We want them to know there is something else. Betsy DeVos can make that happen.

SHE BELIEVES COMMON CORE IS BAD. IT IS BAD FOR OUR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS. She can change that. “She said she, “SUPPORTS HIGH STANDARDS, STRONG ACCOUNTABILITY, AND LOCAL CONTROL. But Common Core became a federalized boondoggle. She believes, ” Every child, no matter their Zip Code or their parents’ jobs, deserves access to a quality education.”  ISN’T THAT WHAT EVERY PARENT AND EVERY LIBERAL AND CONSERVATIVE WOMAN WANTS?

SHE STRONGLY SUPPORTS SCHOOL VOUCHERS. She has been active in playing a major role in expanding the number of school choice programs available to students across the country.

SHE SUPPORTS CHARTER SCHOOLS. She and her husband Dick have been actively involved in promoting charter schools for over two decades. Charter schools are publicly funder and open to all students, but able to operate with more autonomy than traditional public schools.

SHE IS AN OUTSIDER IN WASHINGTON D.C.. Didn’t Pres. Trump promise to “drain the swamp? Isn’t the Dept of Education a great place to start?

SHE SUPPORTS HOME SCHOOLING. Is that what Liberal women have a problem with? Homeschooled children are more disciplined, more respectful, way ahead of their peers in public school and are not brainwashed with liberal propaganda. Is that the problem?

NOW THE DEVOS FAMILY. They are a true American Dream Family. Isn’t that what we want our children to see. It’s what I wanted my children to see.  Betsy’s Father in law, Richard and his partner began their little business with one Biodegradable Cleaning Product in his garage in the 50’s. It became the Amway business which is one of the most successful businesses in the world. Why?  They teach positive, moral, honest business techniques. They help individuals and families build small businesses and sometime huge businesses. They help SINGLE WOMEN AND WOMEN WITH CHILDREN along with families and Single men to build businesses to support their families.

HOW DO I KNOW THIS? Because the DeVos family helped me and some of my children build businesses. None of us built huge businesses, but, my business supplemented my income when I was raising 4 children. It gave me and my children the ability to learn what we could do with a positive attitude. Except for a short period of time, none of my children or grandchildren, men and women, have never been on welfare or food stamps. Why? Because Amway Corp and the DeVos family set examples and TAUGHT US HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Which we all are. Amway Corp. along with Richard DeVos, Dick and Betsy Devos and the incredible successful businesses that were began because of the DeVoses have help thousands and thousands of single women, women with children, men, and families become middle class and wealthy.  Betsy is part of that family. ISN’T THAT WHAT WE WANT FOR OUR CHILDREN? WHO BETTER TO TRUST WITH OUR CHILDREN’S EDUCATION.


Some of this information came from an article in Newsmax by Kelsey Harkness. Some of it is my observation and knowledge of the DeVos Family, Betsy DeVos and my personal experience.

I hope this will be food for thought for all those that opposed Betsy DeVos and also, for those who championed her.



The  Tax Foundation, a non-partisan research group, reports that nearly a third of a worker’s 8 hour day is now consumed by federal, state, and local taxes, a glaring example of the burden put on American workers through unbridles governmental spending.  In fact “Tax Freedom Day”-the day your earnings have satisfied your annual federal state, and local tax obligation, assuming all of your earnings were paid to the government from January 1-occurred on April 24 this year, one day later than last year and six days later than the year before. One hundred years ago, this milestone took less than three weeks to hit.

Here’s another way to look at the burden of taxation: the amount we spend on federal, state, and local taxes in 2015 is projected to be $4.8 trillion, almost 10% more than we spend on food, clothing, and housing combined.  And this has been the case for more than two decades, with the gap continuing on an upward trend.

—————-to those  concerned with the long term, is that despite the enormous amount of revenuer confiscated from us, the federal government continues to spend more than it collects.  This deficit–pegged at more than $400 billion for 2015–indicates that the government is continuing year-by-year to spend even more than it takes from us, primarily by adding programs, regulatory staff, oversight offices, and the like all of which must be funded by the taxpayer.

———————–In fact, according to studies by the Heritage Foundation, a child born in 2014 will inherit a $41,000 share of this bill-a share that will grow to $142,000 by the time that child reaches age 24. So while the rate at which governmental confiscation of our earnings continues to expand, is it any wonder that Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated by the disincentive to work hard?  After all, if increasing production and value only results in losing more and more to taxation, why bother?  Why not join the growing population ranks willing to live off of government largesse (which, in reality, is in large part simply a transfer of wealth from the working to the non-working)?

As the run-up to the 2016 elections unfolds, there’s no doubt that candidates and prospective candidates will unfurl a variety of approaches to solving the tax burden dilemma.  Naturally, many of these “fixes” will involve raising more and more revenue via taxes, further intensifying the confiscation of wealth from those who earn it.  So, that dollar you earned may shrink even more in the years ahead.(byGerry Hafer for AMAC, Summer 2015)

OK FOLKS;  I take this to mean a few things:  We need to be very careful whom we chose as candidates, not only listen to what they say but look at their past actions. Do we want to pay more taxes? Or do we want to cut spending?

Former Repr. Connie Mack of Florida called for cutting one cent a year from every dollar the government spends as a means of dealing with the sky-rocketing national deficit. It doesn’t sound like much at first glance, but the think-tank FreedomWorks believes the idea is powerful enough to achieve a balanced budget by 2019. -Also, no increases in the budget next year, period. Give that some thought. (AMAC,also)

Some people believe heading further into Socialism is a great idea.  However, that is where we are now in many aspects.  Socialism also requires the transfer of money from the workers to the non-workers and to the Govt.  That is where we seem to be now.

Is it any wonder some of the Congress and the President want to raise the minimum pay.  Wouldn’t that mean some would be in a higher tax bracket and will have to pay more taxes.  Out of that raise, just how much do you think the person is likely to keep??

It seems to me this election will be the turning point in which way this Country will go.  More taxes, bigger Government?  Less taxes, smaller Government?  I know which way I want it to go.  You decide for yourselves, and your children.