“……………’s not about how long you live, but how you live, because before you know it, our time is up and we leave this place. ……………………It’s been twenty years since I stood on that windey hillside with my mother. ‘TIME IN THE VALLEY WILL TEACH YOU TO BE A MAN, NATHAN,’ she had said. IT’S WHERE YOU CHARACTER WILL FORM. I HOPE YOU GO THROUGH THE VALLEY SO THAT YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO LOVE AND FEEL AND UNDERSTAND. AND WHEN LIFE WOUNDS YOU, I HOPE IT IS BECAUSE YOU LOVED PEOPLE, NOT BECAUSE YOU MISTREATED THEM.’ It was a blessing of sorts; a blessing that forges love in the darkest places…………………………But I know that although we man never understand it, there is a plan, and though it may be traced in pain, in the end there will be joy, and it will be beautiful.”


From Catholic Digest, Author, Tom Hoopes. “I have a theory: God gave us cats to show us the stupid ways we act toward him, and God gave us dogs to demonstrate how he really wants us to treat him……………Dogs treat their masters the way the saints treat God. Cats treat their owners—well, like I treat God……………..

Compare them side by side, and it always comes out the same: My dog is obedient. My cat expects me to obey her. My dog is humble, accepting herself as she is. My cat is a narcissist, obsessively grooming herself.

My dog is patient, waiting all day if necessary for what she wants. My cat is haughty, walking away in a huff is you fail to meet her exacting demands.

I am the center of my dog’s world. My cat is the center of a world that includes me somewhere at the fringes.

So here is my prayer: ‘Lord, forgive me for behaving like my cat. Forgive me for treating you like I own you. Grant me a faith that is humble and obedient, a hope that trusts in you to do good things for me, and a love that revolves around you and your will. Lord, grant me the grace to be more like my dog!”


From Catholic Digest: Using white distilled vinegar as a cleaner is not only economical, it is also a way to avoid using and breathing harsh chemicals in your home.

Make your own cleanser: Combine the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

2 cups filtered water
2 cups white distilled vinegar
1 tablespoon liquid detergent
5 drops of tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic)
Lavender essential oil (for a pleasant scent.)

Clean kitchen countertops, microwave, mini-blinds, refrigerator shelves, floors, the bathroom, and more!