Socialism and Obamaism-pretty much against the Constitution

U.S. Government takes control of bullet production. Why bother taking your firearms?

EPA Forces America’s Last Lead Smelter To Close, Impacting Ammo Production | Off The Grid News

EPA Forces America’s Last Lead Smelter To Close, Impacting Ammo ProductionWritten by: Tara Dodrill Guns & AmmoNovember 1, 201312 CommentsIn a move that could affect ammo production, the last remaining US lead smelter is slated to close in December, courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency (EP…
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  • Troy Waite They are effectively shutting down Gold and Silver mining by manipulating the precious metals market just long enough to force the mining companies into bankruptcy as a result of expenses being higher than profits.
    Once the mines are forced into liquidation, our fearless leaders are going in and buying the mine and it’s contents for pennies on the dollar…with our inflated tax dollars, I might add.
  • Connie Craven well, that would make the Govt the own of the mines, seems like this might be illegal and against the Constitution. The Govt cannot own businesses unless we are in a socialist country of course.
  • Connie Craven
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OK, today I want to tell you about the gang on East Maple Skowhegan. First of all, it was a good gang, not like todays gangs.  Our street was made up of older people and young couples. There were 6 of us  kids, plus someone’s cousin from the next street down.  We were all within 2-3 years of each other except my brother John who was 2 years younger that all of us. Mostly that worked out fine and we all played well together.  However, sometimes John was just too young. I still feel guilty about this little trick we played on John one day so he wouldn’t bother us. He won’t remember, he probably was about 6.

My father built a loft in our shed to store things once he tore down the barn. There was plenty of room for us to play up there and also hide. As soon as we were tall enough to climb the ladder we were allowed to go up and play.

Now, you might think I was an angel growing up, I am afraid not. John and I had our normal squabbles about toys, and other things we wouldn’t share, I don’t remember those times. I do remember I got to sit on a chair or go to my room quite often.  I should say there were 3 types of punishments at our house. If it was just squabbling, who ever started it got to sit on a chair and cool down, and some times we both had to sit, apart and quiet for 15 min or a 1/2 house, and my mother kept her eye on us.  If it was fighting and someone hit someone, someone got to go upstairs to their room, I believe it was usually me, ha,ha. We had a door to the stairs and we would slam that door on the way up to our bedroom. The idea was to let us cool down until we could apologize to the other person. (After we all left home, my father fixed the cracked paneling in the door.)  The third punishment was a spanking. That was when we did something dangerous like running into the road, something that could get us killed. My mother usually did the disciplining while my father was at work. She only had him punish us if it was something extremely serious.  I will tell you about the one spanking I remember at another time.

Anyway, our gang was altogether one morning and decided for some reason we did not want John around.  We got together, pretended to play hide and seek and John and I went to hide in the attic.  After a short while, I went down to check then told him that someone was mad at him and wanted to beat him up so he should stay in the attic.  Then we went off and played.  When I came in at noon for dinner my mother asked where John was. That was when I remembered I had left him in the attic for an hour or two.  I said I would get him, then went and told him it was safe to come down.  I never did tell my mother and John thought I saved him so he didn’t say anything either. If John reads this, he won’t remember, he was too young, but I have always felt guilty for sticking him in the attic and lying to him.  Sorry, John. I do love you.