I read this information when I received a request for a donation from CRS, and since they operate because of donations, I pay attention and donate occasionally. Here is the information everyone should know:
1. CRS serves people in 91 countries overseas based on their needs, not their religion, race or nationality.
2. CRS is devoted to preserving the sacredness and dignity of all human life.
3. CRS has been serving the poor for more than 70 years.
4. CRS is very efficient: 93 percent of our expenditures go directly to help poor people overseas.
5. CRS needs you to help us reach more than 150 million people who are desperate for life’s basic necessities.

I have read that CRS has supplies stored all over the world in case of emergencies. They were in Haiti before the last disaster, helping people recover from an earthquake.
I am always totally amazed at what CRS is able to do with donations. How much more efficient than the Governments of the world.

Catholic charities

Did you know that the Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization on the planet. Outside of the US, we have Catholic Relief Services, CRS among other organizations. In Maine we have Catholic Charities. I just read that we have 25 different programs in communities all around us. Catholic Charities serves more than 55,000 people across the state.  Inspired by Scripture and the social teachings of the Church, the agency helps people of all different backgrounds and religions. Recognizing that we are all God’s children, you don’t have to be Catholic to receive services. Some Catholic Charities programs are supported through state or federal funding, However it would not be able to offer the types of services that it does without the help of donations which are crucial at this time of government budget cuts. CC depends on direct donations, the annual Catholic Appeal and holds several fundraisers including an Annual Golf Tournament and thrifts stores in Caribou, Presque Isle and Portland. I am very proud to be a Catholic.