It seems that in these days everything revolves around Pres. Obama and what he decides to do to either uphold the law, destroy or just ignore the law, or make new ones on his own and never mind the Congress. Here is one law he made that really worries me.

He declared under his Presidential Powers that he had made a law giving him POWER TO DECLARE MARSHALL LAW.  It seems the press just overlooked this law, but we should be very worried.  When he declares Marshall Law, the Congress has no powers and law is controlled by the President.  Since he has his own armies, basically the EPA and Homeland Security,  the IRS, at least them, all armed and ready, he can do pretty much as he pleases.  It is obvious he likes power, so there we are.  I’ll write more when I come upon more exact facts.

Here is another thing that concerns me. I’ll list others later.

The IRS targeting Charities that Obama doesn’t like,:  ACLJ is suing the IRS, Jay Sekulow said in his letter to me that this is their largest suit ever, and it is moving forward against the IRS as the scandal grows. ” Their 41 clients are organizations illegally targeted by the IRS and denied tax-exempt status because of their conservative views-but the even greater risk is to us.  A government that can ignore the Constitution and attack charities in this way could easily attack you and your family, or your church. The Obama Admin., with its colossal financial resources, is fighting back with a cadre of not only Justice Department attorneys but also private lawyers. “

“Plus, new revelations surface every day.  Now we’ve learned that the White House got private taxpayer information from the IRS–which is totally illegal.”

I will keep you posted as I learn more, but you can go on line to the ACLJ sight and perhaps get an update. http://www.aclj.org.

I must go now, will continue another day.