FIRST:  AMAC stands for: The Association of Mature American Citizens 50 and over.  HOWEVER, TO JOIN THIS ARMY TO CONTACT CONGRESS THEY WILL ACCEPT ANY AGE I WAS TOLD.

Did you know? AMAC is the conservative alternative to AARP.  I know many people in the last few years that have been fed up with AARP’s liberal policies and have wanted an alternative.  I joined AMAC 2 years ago.  They have all the advantages of AARP, discounts, insurance, etc. and they have a terrific monthly magazine that will keep you up to date on what is really happening in Washington and elsewhere.  I mention all this because AMAC is building an ARMY of conservative and responsible people to contact our Senate and House members when something comes up that needs our conservative and responsible input.  AMAC has over 1 million members at this time. I have been a member for 2 years.

“We have decided to create an army of AMAC activists who are willing to make phone calls directly to the Washington offices and to the local offices of all our Representatives. We have learned from prior experiences that letters, emails, and petitions seem to have little effect on influencing decision-makers. The AMAC Army will exert its power by contacting members of Congress directly, collectively making the AMAC voice heard. TO BE A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, OR REPRESENTATIVES MUST FIRST HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE.”

“Now that the Republicans have taken control of both houses, we need you during the next two years to join us in our efforts to offer positive solutions to the problems we are faced with. For too long, the progressives have been allowed to bring our country to the brink of bankruptcy, threatening the financial stability of Social Security and Medicare even as the size of government has grown. Our military is at its lowest strength since World War II while our enemies have retaken ground that had been purchased for freedom with the blood of young American.”


To Join the AMAC Army now: Call now and speak to customer service and tell them you WANT TO JOIN THE AMAC ARMY. 888-262-2006.  If you want to join AMAC you can but I believe you can get on the army list to be notified when calls are needed by just giving them your information.  I was told that any age can join and you do not need to be over 50.  They will give you the information on who to call, the issue and what to say.  They will need your email address and your phone no.  Join and lets help this Congress get something done.