Policies in Govt that need to change

We need to STOP Barack Obama’s War on Faith and Family and Freedom

We need to contact our Representatives and Senators to take action. Ask them to do everything in their power to..

1. Repeal Obama Care-especially the elements of Obama Care that require all Christians and pro-life Americans to purchase health insurance that includes coverage for abortions and requires pro-life doctors and hospitals to perform abortions;

2. Repeal Obama’s so-called “Hate Crimes Law”     which should really be called the “War on Christianity Law” because this law criminalizes those sections of the HOLY BIBLE that call homosexual relations wrong as “HATE LITERATURE”  (Did you all realize this)  I did not until I received this letter from the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

3. Stop the so-called “Media Diversity Doctrine” President Obama is pushing that will require Christian radio stations to give equal time to atheists, Muslims, and other religions(possibility even Satanists) or loose their broadcast license. They are also pushing to have Conservative Talk show stations have to carry as much liberal information as they do conservative. ( this started shortly after Obama was elected the first time.  I was hoping they had decided to drop it but they are working with the FCC to complete it.  It seems the FCC can make the change without a law?)

4. Stop the Obama Justice Dept. from using civil rights laws to harass and bully the Boy Scouts  prohibiting openly gay Scout Masters and for including GOD in its oath.  ( in my opinion, this should be an issue the Boy Scout Council, and parents should be deciding on, it should not involve the Justice Dept. The Scouts did just vote to allow openly gay boys to join, I read in “Newsman Magazine” but that was from pressure from Hollywood, apparently. I do hope this works out for all the boys.)

5.Stop the Obama Justice Dept., the IRS and other federal agencies from abusing their power to persecute Christians and those with whom Obama disagrees.