“For present-day humanity is sick and incapable of handling its affairs-it can no longer cope with life, So a new approach is necessary, a more intensive method.  Humans must be shown how to help themselves; they must be spiritually and physically strengthened in order to rise to full stature.  This involves education toward self-reliance, responsibility, judgment, conscience; education that will instill good-neighborliness and eliminate the countless forms of superficial thinking and MASS-MINDEDNESS; education toward transcendence, purposeful education toward perfect adulthood, education toward GOD.  All these things are intimately connected and you cannot have one without the others.  Only a person with a certain SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, however small, is fit to accept the WORD OF GOD AND FULFILL THE DIVINE ORDER IN HIS EVERYDAY LIFE. For no order can be achieved except in accordance with GOD’S law.  The new order of the world must be based on the historical fulfillment of the order of God, otherwise it will be just another edifice on shifting sand doomed to destruction like the rest.  Human regeneration must come from within according to the pattern which defines us as being created in God’s image.  OTHERWISE HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF, AND WE SHALL BE FACED WITH FURTHER MADNESS AND CONFUSION. 

Sound like something we need in this day and time?  This was written by Father Delp in 1945. he was a German Jesuit priest condemned to death by the Nazis in Berlin, Germany.



The Way of the Cross…invites all of us, and families in particular, to contemplate Christ crucified in order to have the force to overcome difficulties.  The cross of Christ is the supreme sign of God’s love for every man and woman, the superabundant response to every person’s need for love.  At times of trouble, when our families have to face pain and adversity, let us look to Christ’s cross.  There we can find the courage and strength to press on…

IIN TIMES OF TRIAL AND TRIBULATION, WE ARE NOT ALONE; THE FAMILY IS NOT ALONE.  JESUS IS PRESENT WITH HIS LOVE, HE SUSTAINS THEM BY HIS GRACE and the strength needed to carry on, to make sacrifices and to overcome every obstacle. And it is to this love of Christ that we must turn when human turmoil and difficulties threaten the unity of our lives and our families.  The mystery of Christ’s suffering, Death and Resurrection inspires us to go on in hope: times of trouble and testing, when endured with Christ, with faith in him, already contain the light of the Resurrection, the new life of a world reborn, the Passover of all those who believe in his Word.


by: Pope Benedict XVI

I should explain to those who are not Catholic, the Way of the Cross, are pictures or Crosses placed around inside the walls of  the church, there are 14 stations  and each one represents part of Christ’s journey from the scourging and crowning of thorns to the end when Mary and his friends took Him down from the cross.  It is to help us remember His Crucifixion and help in our journey.  It is quite emotional and rewarding. 



By Tiffiny  Guilla, who was a composer and choreographer, was working for a financial corporation near the World Trade Center on Sept. 11,  2001Everytime I have gone to the doctor over this time it is something new-losing my fingertips or feeling the hardening of my left lung…But I am not thinking about all this while it is happening.  I did not even realize how changed I was physically until 2006 when I saw a picture of myself and I said, “Wow, I am deformed!”…

  My life, although successful, was chaotic.  My mother, in the throes of her second bout with cancer, had just moved in with me-with my brother, so we could take care of her.  I had a greater desire for meaning and was ready for any change.  So, on the suggestion of a friend, I went on an interview for this job at a financial corporation in 2000. I was hired not necessarily for my resume but, oddly enough, because I was on an amateur national gold circuit, and my would-be-boss loved golf!  I thought, “Providence is at work here!” As a facilities manager, I did everything from running around with a real estate broker, ……

Two months into the job, I discovered that there was a chapel fifty feet from my office, Our Lady of the Rosary, the Mother Seton shrine, and I made that my second home.  This was an answer to my prayer, which by then was becoming, “Lord, I want you to be my full focus.”  Because I was working there, I was downtown on Sept. 11th.  And that brought this disease, which has put him front and center, as I had asked.

It was almost a relief to know I would have to depend on him now.  God had to take each one of my gifts and talents away one by one for me to see what the real Gift is.  My life is no longer who I know, all my contacts, what I can do-because I can no longer do what I was able to do physically.  Now my life is just Him, on whom I fully depend.  I still work in finance, designing office spaces. I can’t play music anymore, but I still have my voice and I am composing music with the help of friends.  I have to give everything to everyone because I am so dependent.  But if I had not already been in a relationship of dependence on Christ, accepting so much help would be unbearable.  Instead, my friends are signs of Him for me.  I was even given a phenomenal doctor and friend..name Franz.  He has saved me physically more than once-and has helped me emotionally and spiritually as well.

  I know a lot of pain, and getting through the day is truly trying, but I cannot emphasize enough that GOD IS THERE EVERY MINUTE. How can I not accept all this as a gift?!”

by Tiffiny Gulla


From: Magnificat

“Accepting the sacraments means first of all agreeing to be sought out by God and accepting the opportunity offered us by Christ to rejoin God

Practice enables man to discover that he is not alone in his existence, that Someone awaits him, and that his life is a twofold act. It suggests to man that he should not be merely a spectator, but a co-worker in his destiny. This is the great novelty of Christianity, as Saint Paul proclaimed it:  ‘We are co-workers with God.’ God gives us our freedom so that we may use it at each moment  of our great human experiences;

before evil, with penance;

before human love, with matrimony;

before fatherhood, with baptism;

before the struggle against the anguish of death, with the sacrament of the sick;

before the responsibility for our brothers, with confirmation and holy orders.

Face to face with all these great experiences, we are led to be co-workers in humble, day-by-day, coherent acts, for example, in sharing the meal with the friends of Christ.”

by: Father Bernard Bro, O.P.

Spend some time with the Holy Spirit.


From Magnificat

…….”The capacity to desire is the meaning of daily life, the power that gives the will to build, to be able to see and resolve your problems and those of others, of the individual and of society. We are made not for limited values, for merely material realities, but for the infinite for the infinite things, with satiety in material things, IF WE REJECT HEALTHY TOIL, the beauty of sacrifice that enables us to have within a free and welcoming space to receive and to strive in the desire of the Absolute, the result is nausea, apathy, and the senselessness that arouses on cynicism and desperation and even perversion of nature in the search for new emotions. Truly this is the root of the evils of our time and of the lack of orientation, of meaning, of gusto in life, of awareness of the value and dignity of the person……” By Mother Maria Geltruce Arioli, OSB,she is the prioress of the Monastery of Saint Benedict in Milan, Italy.