These events won’t be in order because I will write them as I remember them.

THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT 1989 or so.  I was an insurance adjuster for a company in Northern Maine, where there is a lot of wilderness and small towns.  I was assigned to go look at a house that had been repossessed by a bank and the bank wanted to know the extent of the damage and cost to repair the damage done to the house by the previous owners. I picked up the information from an agency in Houlton, they were the only ones who knew where I was going, and I was not reporting back to them.  I was supposed to go back to my office and do the report.  My secretary did not know where I was and would not have missed me until the next morning. 

I tell you all this because what happened when I went through the house still scares and amazes me, that I am still alive.  The house was all by itself with no neighbors.  I went thru the house, saw a door that went either to an attic or basement. I expected there to be something to step on when I opened the door.  It was pitch black, and as I stepped into what I expected to be a step, there was nothing.  I started to fall, grabbed a railing and hung on with both hands. If I had been paying more attention to where I was going than to the damage estimate, this might not have happened.

I don’t really know how I managed to pull myself up from nothing to the floor in the room I had left, but I did, and when I reached around for a light switch and turned on the light, there were steep stairs going down to an unfinished basement. With no top step.  I can tell you I said a prayer immediately thanking God for my life.  I realized that if I had fallen, no one would have found me until the next day, and even then unless someone noticed my car parked on the street and footsteps crossing over a snow bank, who knows when I would have been found.

Remember in the 1990s there were no cel phones and no way to communicate except pay phones and office phones. And there was no phone in that house.  I am still amazed that I am alive.  Some would say it was luck, but believe me, there is no way I grabbed that railing and pulled myself back into that room alone.  A miracle?  My Guardian Angel?  The Blessed Virgin praying for me to her Son?  Who knows, but I am still here, thank God, and God alone saved me.

I still get a lump in my stomach when I tell this story.