I know I haven’t written much on politics lately, but I have a bunch of things to post lateR.  What makes me the most burned up is the most recent cave in by the Republican Party by allowing the Affordable Care Act to be funded, after all that protesting, and time consuming voting for two weeks.

Of course, Obama and the Democrats did their absolute best to scare everyone to put the pressure on the Conservatives.  The house passed several good bills and offered to fund the Govt. several times as long as it didn’t include Obamacare but that wasn’t good enough for the President and the Senate.  They had to push until they got what the wanted, never mind what more than haLF the country and the House wanted.  It is one more time that shows that Obama and the Democrats in the Senate and some liberal Republicans could care less what is good for our Country.  All they care about is what they want.  Never mind the Constitution and limited Govt., they want total control of our lives. Even if our Great Grand Children have to pay and pay for the debt they are creating.

Of course, then, as the Democrats and Obama knew they would, the wimpy Republicans gave in again, leaving all of us out on a limb, stuck with Obamacare.   At least the true Conservatives in the House and Senate continued to protest, even if they were outnumbered with the wimps.  Believe me, when elections come up, I will choose good strong conservatives that have character, morals and values, to vote for.  Of course, there may not be any of those from my State.  My representatives and senators do not represent me as far as I can see.  It would be nice if good Conservatives, maybe sponsored by the Tea Party, were to run against them.  Maybe someday…………….

Oh, about the Tea Party.  Does anyone realize that before the Republican Party came along there was the Whig Party?  The Whig party was basically like most of the Old Boy Republicans are now.  Say they stand for something, but vote for nothing that might upset the moderates.  The Republican party started because the Whigs would not vote against slavery, so some people started the Republican Party.  That is how Abraham Lincoln happened to be running as a Republican. He changed parties to run against slavery.  Perhaps it’s time to change again to the “TEA PARTY”