Just a quick  memory today. Sometime between ages 5 and 12 my father bought his own shoe repair shop. He had to work Saturdays so Sunday mornings after Mass was when he did the work around the house and yard.  Every spring and fall we helped him put the storm windows on and take them off, wash the house windows and in the fall, wash the storm windows. In case no one knows what I am talking about, storm windows were made with glass and a wood frame with bolts and hooks to hook them to the windows. They fit each window specifically so they all have to be marked.  This doesn’t sound like much fun, but my brother and I loved working outside with my Dad.  He let us climb out on the porch roof, through the small bathroom window and put up and take down the windows on the second floor above the porch. He used to climb up on a ladder and put the other ones up and take them down from the second floor.  Sometime after I moved out, they replace them all with the insulated windows.  It probably took two Sundays because my father liked to have a beer and read the paper for a short while before dinner. My mother always had a big family dinner at noon on Sundays.  This may sound boring to kids now but working with my father was fun for us on Sunday mornings and great memories for my brother and I.