RELIGION…is the virtue which helps us to show due worship to God as the source and goal of all things, an obligation which is strictly binding, but cannot be paid in full…It falls short of being a species of the cardinal virtue of justice, because, although we certainly owe God worship, we can never pay God a worship that is equal to his worth, except as we join Jesus in his worship of the Father. As Son of God Jesus alone can offer that full measure…

The natural law as well as the first three to the TEN COMMANDMENTS (Ex 20:2-11; Dt 5:6-15) require that we worship God, since as intelligent creatures we must in truth recognize him as our Creator and need to express this by word and gesture in the human community, as we express every other important truth. To be silent about the greatness of God is completely unnatural..

The first three Commandments demand that first we worship God alone and not idols; second, that we honor his NAME; third, that we keep the Sabbath. The  universal natural law which this third COMMANDMENT implements is that we set aside proper time for worship. Hence the early Church used its freedom from the ceremonial precepts of the law (Col. 2:16) to choose Sunday, the day of the Resurrection, in place of the Sabbath to indicate the new creation of the New Covenant.   (by Father Benedict M. Ashley,O.P. who was a prominent theologian, and the author of several books.)