PRESIDENT TRUMP DID;;;; I am so tired of reading all the stuff Pres. Trump doesn’t do or things that don’t please certain individuals or the liberal press that when i get a chance, from now on, I am posting things that he does that are good for everyone, even those that criticize constantly. so today;

VIETNAM WAR VETS HAVE THEIR DAY. President Trump signed a proclamation into law that officially designates March 29 an annual national day of recognition for veterans of the Vietnam War. It recognizes the day in 1973 when the bulk of U.S. troops left South Vietnam, and Hanoi released the remaining U.S.POWs.

“This makes it official, which pleases VFW,” said Carlos Fuentes, director of VFW’s National Legislative Service. “Vietnam War veterans deserve to be recognized with their own official day.” Public Law 115-15, The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017. encourages citizens, businesses and other institutions to display the U.S. flag on March 29. Sen Joe Donnelly (D-Ind) and Sen. Pat Toomey (R.Pa.)authorized the legislation.
According to statistics compiled by VFW magazine:
3,403,100 million personnel (including 514,300 off shore) served in the South China Sea waters. 2,594,000 personnel served within the borders of South Vietnam from Jan. 1 1965 to March 28, 1973. 303,704 personnel were wounded. 47,418 personnel died of hostile causes, 10,811 personnel died of non-hostile causes. (as a reference 50,000 personnel died in WWII) According to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, as of March 29 a total of 1,580 U.S. military personnel and 31 civilians are still unaccounted for from the war.Please pass this along.

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I am sure there is an excuse for this, but why would the Obama Admin. spend Millions on another Country’s road when they tell us our (INFRASTRUCTURE (roads and bridges) are falling apart? According to : JUDICIAL WATCH’S VERDICT, January, 2017 this is what happened:

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, THE UNITED STATES IS THE FIRST NATION TO DONATE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO YET ANOTHER GLOBAL WARMING EXPERIMENT—run by the famously corrupt UNITED NATIONS–that aims to forge “climate resilient infrastructure” in third world countries. The money will help build a bicycle highway in Columbia and bring electric buses and a “green-bus corridor” to Mexico.

It is part of an initiative called C$) Cities Finance Facility, launched at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, 2015. The global warming powwow in France already has cost American taxpayers a chunk of change, and Judicial Watch made the numbers public last summer after obtaining records from the U. S. Secret Service and the Department of the Air Force. The documents offer a detailed breakdown of the cost and total expenditure to have President Obama attend the Paris shindig, an eye-popping, $4,165,0681. Judicial Watch had to file a lawsuit to get the information because the administration refused to provide it under the Freedom of Information Act  which was enacted to ensure government transparency in exactly these kinds of situations.

The first two million dollars doled out in October 2015 by the United States will fund two urban pilot projects in Latin America that are predicted to bring “climate-change adaptation and mitigation benefits.” The first project is a 25 kilometer bicycle highway in Bogota, Colombia that will connect citizens from low, middle and high-income neighborhoods to work, education and recreation opportunities. An announcement published by the U.S. Government calls the project a “first-of-its-kind,” traversing the Colombian city from south to north. The rest of the money will buy a fleet of at least 100 electric buses for Mexico City and install a “green-bus corridor” along one of its major thoroughfares. It’s expected to serve and estimated 133,400 Mexicans daily, providing connections to metro lines. This is an important investment for the United States, a government official claims in the announcement, because the impacts of climate change are impeding cities from delivering reliable services. “especially to the poorest” (my thought, will this help the poor living in the dumps and trash piles?)

Years ago, the Obama administration determined that the poor will feel the brunt of climate change, and it has cost American taxpayers MONSTROUS sums. In the last few years, the U.S. Government has funded a number of programs, both domestic and international, to prepare those Communities for the impact. In 2012, in 2012, the administration asked Congress for a whopping $770 MILLION to help developing countries with climate change initiatives after it already had spent #323 MILLION on a project called Global Climate Change Initiative.


PRESIDENT TRUMP, we need this money here, help us put and end to this ridiculous spending. No wonder other countries didn’t want Trump to win.


I realize you may have already made up your mind, maybe this will let you know you are making the correct choice.   Here is the article from Trump’s friend, noted financier Conrad Black who says LOOK BEYOND THE BRASH-THE DONALD IS WELL-SUITED TO MAKING DEALS AND BEING A LEADER.  Read on…………….  _____________________________________________________________

The greatest single political problem in the Western world is sclerosis of the imagination. In Congress, on the hustings, and in the media, the U.S. is reduced to two camps.

One side is calling for swinging strokes of a spending scythe on the government with the threat of a shutdown behind it, and the other side is offering more redistributive taxing and, through the quaint and incompletely recycled ex-communist Bernie Sanders, a trillion-dollar bribe in the forgiveness of all student loans.

In the media, we have shrieking heads with very few people saying anything intelligible.

In Canada, there are cries of alarm over the deficit, though it is hardly a surprise and seems to top out at less than a third, as share of gross domestic product, than where the U.S. sat for seven years (1.5 percent against 5-7percent).

Donald Trump horrifies Canadians as a caricature of an ugly American of the 1950s vintage: loud, boastful, boorish, ignorant, obscenely materialistic, and illiberal in every respect, as nauseating a personality as he is reassuring to us of our comparative civility, culture, and equability, our inoffensiveness and niceness, if not exactly our style.

There is some reason for this judgment of Trump from what we have generally seen of him in public now for 30 years.

In private, he is charming, solicitous, engaging, and companionable, never pompous, devoid of prejudice, abstemious, and a traditional and conscientious family man. He is a generous civic leader in New York, a quality builder, and a generous employer and philanthropist and friend.

I scarcely recognize the self-obsessed blowhard I see on television, but the fact that he is doing so well must be taken as indicative of the rage of scores of millions of Americans as the work themselves to the bone to stumble from pay check to pay with maxed-out credit cards and loud rumors of recession.

They are angry about rising crime rates, the many thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars that have been squandered in the Middle East to produce an appalling humanitarian crisis, the debasement of the currency and the reduction of their great country to the status of a laughingstock.

If elected, Trump would have a clear mandate to clean up the scandalous quagmire of American political campaign financing that has reduced every candidate, except him and Michael Bloomberg, to Oliver Twist mendicants, with cupped hands and begging bowls, and has brokered most legislation among the special interests that finance members of Congress.

He would have a mandate to dispense with Obamacare, over which the president misled the public about keeping their own doctors and avoiding higher medical costs, an untruth more certainly deliberate and of more relevance to most American families than George W. Bush’s ultimately unfounded claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Trump would enter the White House with a mandate to define the U.S. national interest in the world, in cooperation with allies, and to enforce it.

He would have a mandate to streamline and decentralize the federal government, bring in bipartisan entitlement reform that would make government affordable, and product tax reform.

He has already defined that reform as meaning no breaks for the billionaires (not like the phony, if entertaining, grandstanding of Warren Buffett).